Join us in Paris on November 21 from 13:30 to 17:30 for a working session concerning the organization of the 1st RESIDENTIAL MEETING of the Agora of Euroland Citizens in Athens. In addition to our online weekly meetings, we have decided to gather “physically”!

We will have a 4-hour long (13:30-17:30) afternoon working session defining workshops’ topics, potential speakers, logistic matters etc. This Agora is yours, so start being a part of it and be one of the contributors! You want to suggest specific speakers? You want to speak yourself? You have a great workshop topic to offer? You can help with the logistics? ANY help is WELCOME!

The Paris meeting will take place at: MAS, 10 rue des terres au curé, 75013 Paris.

This afternoon working session is taking place in the framework of AAFB’s (Friends of Franck Biancheri Association) “Journées d’Automne“. You are cordially invited to join the Association for a cocktail at 7pm to close the day.

You can also participate to a Tour of Paris (15€ with Brunch included) on Sunday.

If you’re willing to participate, please fill in the form here.

See you soon!

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